April 6, 2022

Equipping Those Who Serve for Every Spiritual Battle


All Service Members have learned that military life can be stressful and demanding, regardless of location or circumstance. Combat exposure, constant training, family separation, physical demands, and frequent PCS moves can take their physical, mental, and spiritual toll even on the best of us.  

You know that good preparation and equipment is half the battle. Being spiritually equipped prepares us for all other aspects of our lives. What if you could hold in your hand a Bible specifically designed to equip Service Members to better face the daunting challenges before them? 

That is why we at Armed Services Ministry are proud to announce our release of the Warfighter’s Study Bible. This ambitious project was created by Military for Military to deploy God’s encouragement and strength into the hearts and minds of all Warfighters.  

What makes the Warfighter’s Study Bible unique is that it employs military specific language and context to connect more effectively with Service members, Veterans, and their families.  

This Bible, built on the foundation of the well-known Crossway ESV (English Standard Version) Student Study Bible, includes: 

  • Detailed notes on how to get the most out of the Warfighter’s Study Bible 
  • Military-oriented book introductions for all 66 books of the Bible 
  • Over 30 personal articles written by distinguished Veterans and experts in their fields addressing the seven significant issues faced by Service Members today 
  • The popular Military Bible Challenge Reading Plan which explores an overview of all Scripture 
  • A brief version of God Understands, which addresses the 8 spiritual injuries of war 
  • Extensive references and much more

We know that God’s Word is a powerful sword in times of spiritual warfare and the only light to guide us in paths of righteousness. Therefore, we believe that the Warfighter’s Study Bible is a sure way to bring life-changing hope, healing, encouragement, strength, and inspiration to every Warfighter. Find out for yourself! 

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