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April 20, 2022

Here to Help the Military and Military Families

We, at Armed Services Ministry, are all about getting God’s Word and Bible study resources into the hands of Military Members and their families. As Memorial Day approaches, your church may be asking itself, “What are some Bible study resources we can provide for our Veterans and the larger Military community?” 

We invite you to come and see what ASM has to offer. 

Our Military and their loved ones are strong, and ASM has the tips and tools found in the Word of God to make them stronger. With programs designed to serve everyone from the guilt-laden Veteran to the children of our tough warriors, the Armed Services Ministry has the spiritual resources that are going to help you—today.   


Military Bible Challenge

A military man holding a bible study book

This is a free Bible study program for Military personnel. When they sign up, they’re challenged to read the Bible for 20 minutes a day for 75 days. These days are split up into five challenges (sections) to help train your spirit just as much as you train your body. They cover:

The Gospels: Discover the life, miracles, and death and resurrection of Jesus.
Pentateuch: Trace biblical history and the nation of Israel through the first five books of the Bible.
Prophets and Poets: Meet God’s communicators: messengers, prophets, poets, and songwriters.
Acts and Revelation: The first and formative years as well as the last days of the church on Earth.
The Epistles: Learn from personal letters written by apostles for  guidance in Chrisitian living.

Look to the Bible for your spiritual basic training and learn about our Commander, Jesus Christ, who is the Source of your strength. It’s hard, but not that hard. Learn more about the Military Bible Challenge here.


God Understands

 A man’s holding bible study resources

It’s no mystery why the life of the American warrior is so full of difficult challenges. Thankfully, God understands their feelings of guilt, anger, and hopelessness. His Word offers hope and encouragement  to Veterans and Military members dealing with these struggles and more.  

This series reveals the hope, wisdom, and peace that God gives, and offers empathy and connection in the stories of other Service members and Veterans with relatable experiences. Check out these eight topical studies by visiting the God Understands program here.


Hero Squad

A family reading a hero squad book

It takes a strong individual to serve in the Military. It also takes a strong family to support that individual. The Hero Squad helps Military children and their families learn they are known and loved by God who provides strength for life’s battles through inspiring Bible-based activities and teaching.

Children enrolled in the program will receive a Welcome Box including an age appropriate Bible, followed by seasonal boxes including devotionals, gifts, journals, family activities, and more four times per year. Learn more about the Hero Squad program here


Journey of a Military Wife

A military wife reading a bible study book

It’s no surprise how courageous the wives of our American warriors are. This Bible study series includes eight different studies written specifically to offer hope, direction, and comfort for the unique challenges faced by military wives and their families. The best part about this series? You don’t have to read the series in order; you can jump to the topic that best deals with the challenge you are facing today. Check out more information about the Journey of a Military Wife program here


Never Alone

A bible and computer for an eLearning bible course

There are many who suffer silently from trauma experienced as part of the Military; who live with PTS in everyday life. Healing and hope are possible. While there is no easy solution to healing, we’ll share stories, teaching, and scriptures to show that it is possible. Learn how God understands and how God can heal. Find the peace that comes from knowing you are Never Alone.

This eLearning program has seven modules that walk you through interactive questions, helpful content, scripture reading, and journal exercises. Follow the powerful stories of Veterans through video, reflect on common and personal situations through viewing animations, and engage with the content through reflection and user interactions. To learn more about this program, go to the Never Alone program page here.


The Warfighter’s Study Bible

a bible for military veterans

The Warfighter’s Study Bible is a tool to help you build habits that strengthen and renew you in God’s Word. With Military specific resources, daily reading, and specialized articles, this Bible helps you fan the flame by consistently engaging with Scripture on a daily basis.

Built on the foundation of the well-known Crossway ESV (English Standard Version) Student Study Bible, it includes Military-oriented book introductions for all 66 books of the Bible. Designed with the Military community in mind, it has over 30 personal articles written by distinguished Veterans and experts addressing the seven significant issues faced by Service Members today. Read more about the Warfighter’s Study Bible here.


How Can We at ASM and Our Bible Study Resources Serve You Today?

The Chaplains and Veterans at Armed Services Ministry have poured their hearts into these programs to make sure that no one has to go it alone. They know how valuable these Bible resources are to warriors and their families—because they’ve been there too.

We would love to have you explore our website today and see how we can serve those who serve by helping the Military and Veteran community engage and be transformed by God’s Word.  And remember, all of our resources for Military members and their families are FREE

Let Him direct your ways and comfort your heart today. 

“…fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)