military parents with child and bible
July 13, 2022

Thanks to you, Hero Squad has a been a hit within your Military community.  Because of your support and endorsement, more than 3300 families and 7100 children have received age-specific Bibles, age and gender-specific devotionals and family-friendly Bible activities, and studies show that families are spending significantly more time engaged in Scripture together and individually as a result. 

A Chaplain Resource: Bible-based Programs for Military Children 


…Did you know that Hero Squad can help with YOUR programming?  Our age-and-gender-specific children’s devotionals are stock-piled with Biblical content and fun applicable activities which can be used within your VBS, Sunday School, Youth Group or Children’s Church.   

Written by a Military spouse and edited by a former elementary educator, each quarterly book is broken into 13 weekly devotionals with Scripture, an age-appropriate reflection catering to the lifestyle of a Military child, and a fun activity applying God’s Word.  

Each week’s devotional is ready to use as curriculum for your program or club.  Lessons can broken down as follows: 


 1. 5-minute read and reflect (large group).  

hero squad devotional for military children

2. 10- minute lesson application (Independent or small group)

hero squad devotional for military children

3. 10-minute prayer journaling (Independent)

hero squad devotional for military children

The word is catching on quickly how meaningful this Military-specific content is to teaching our Military children about the God of the Bible.  Reach out to to retrieve a copy of this season’s devotional now.  We are continually creating new content each quarter, and we’d be honored to take the burden of planning off your busy plates.  Let us share God’s Truth with YOUR Military children today!   


Share Hero Squad with a Military Family Today! 

Join us to deliver Scripture to Military kids’ doorsteps. Receive a Chaplain Resource Kit filled with everything you need to know about how this program helps you care for your troops and their families. Included in the kit are materials to share directly with Service members and families to easily enroll their children! 

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