May 30, 2022

Check back each Monday for a short devotional to help you start the week off well. 

The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them. (John 15:13) 

Military Members, regardless of branch of service, make a solemn pledge to never forget the selfless sacrifices made by our members.  We also vow to always honor those of our ranks who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We set a special table at military gatherings to remember our POW’s and MIA’s.  We erect commemorative statues. We stand tall and perhaps shed a tear when Taps is played on Memorial Day.  We remember, as the song America the Beautiful says,  that our departed comrades “more than self their country loved and mercy more than life.”   

Because of this, we Service Members can more fully appreciate the words of Jesus in this verse.  These are very personal words. 

Did you catch what Jesus calls us?  He is claiming friendship with all those who follow Him.  This was a new teaching.  Up until now, only Abraham and Moses were referred to in the Bible as friends of God.  Now, Jesus reminds us that if He is Lord of our lives, then we too are friends with God!  What does it mean to you that Jesus calls you His friend? 

Jesus also reminds us how much He loves us as friends.  Even though He was sinless, He took on Himself all the sins of world and died for those sins.   It was the ultimate selfless sacrifice.  And then He rose from the dead to deliver us forever from the tyranny of sin.   

This Memorial Day, let us take time to remember those great Americans who gave their last full measure of devotion so that we can live free.  At the same time, let us remember our Risen Savior who died that we might live eternally with him, and who now calls us his friends.   

Gracious God, please comfort those families whose loved one sacrificed their life for my freedom.  And thank you for the gift of your Son, who sacrificed his life for my sins.  Amen.