March 23, 2023

Literature and pop culture have used, and overused, the metaphor “Life is a Journey.” However, no better metaphor exists to which a military wife can relate than that of going from place to place as a sojourner. The metaphor draws on experience and knowledge about traveling. We often make sense of life by understanding it as an unfolding journey.

From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture tells the story of people on the move.


Journey is one of the great metaphors of the Bible and the Word of God exists as the authoritative source for guidance and the wellspring of encouragement for humans to look as they navigate through life. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture tells the story of people on the move. Human history began as a journey when God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Scriptural travel stories provide a sound approach to relate biblical truths and application to military wives who commonly experience multiple moves, deployments, temporary duty assignments, and family separations. These demands, along with other unique stressors stemming from an institution that can regulate almost every aspect of a service member’s life, require adaptability and resilience from both service members and their families and distinguish military from civilian life.

“These books got me through deployment. They also got me to try and find my faith again. I didn’t really care that I lost my faith, until I read these books.” -Military wife, Stephanie

The Challenge of a Military Wife

Some people say a military wife’s job is the toughest one in the armed forces. Military wives do not wear uniforms to display rank and medals to declare service and sacrifice like their husbands. Service and sacrifice, however, characterize the choices they make to follow their soldier, airman, sailor, marine, coast guardsman, or guardian. Whether in war or peace, the challenges they face are unique. They often feel misunderstood by their civilian counterparts, to include their extended family. As military wives, they enter a structured culture with its own language and protocols, and, although no one issues them official dog tags, they are in a position to provide invaluable support to their husbands.

New military wives will become readily acquainted with transition. They will move on average every two to three years. They say goodbye to friends on a regular basis and will likely struggle to build careers. If they are mothers, a military move means finding new schools and navigating the adjustments of their children, as well as their own. It is not unusual for a military wife to have a driver’s license, car registration, phone area code, and zip code each from a different state.

Regular separations from their husbands are a standard issue of military life and they must learn to make tough decisions on their own. “Wait” is a word military wives know too well. They wait in anticipation for military orders that announce the next duty locations, housing allocations, and lists for promotions. Lengthy deployments mean they wait for emails, phone calls, letters, and homecomings.

“I am currently on the second book Devoted and I cannot thank you enough for saving me with your words every single day. You make such a huge difference in people’ s lives. Yes, I am speaking for other people because I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for giving me peace in my daily struggle, and oh boy I struggle…” – Military wife, Marta

Field Guide

Increased conflicts, deployments and rotations have left the military wife in need of spiritual support to sustain her in uncertain times. The Armed Services Ministry resource Journey of a Military Wife looks to the Word of God as a valid foundation for the military wife in her unique life context. As a complete text, you will find an overview of biblical insight for the military wife. Stand-alone sections address specific aspects of military life a wife will face over the course of her husband’s career to include, marriage and family issues, deployment, reintegration, relocation, and transitions.

Increased conflicts, deployments and rotations have left the military wife in need of spiritual support to sustain her in uncertain times.


In the midst of constant uncertainty, God is an ever-present help (Psalm 46:1). God’s Word validates His concern for military wives and serves as a guide for living a victorious life. Military wives need to know the constancy of a loving Savior who will never leave them or forsake them. In times of transition, they need to know God accepts them in a beloved eternal family (Eph. 1:6). They need to know God resides with them in every transition, and his Word is applicable to their unique circumstances.

“Dr. Pace’s Journey of a Military Wife series has proved to be my best resource targeting the specific needs of military wives during deployment, family transitions, and personal struggles. Dedicated, Steps of Faith has been a wonderful counseling aid for women who are striving for deeper personal discipleship.” – Family Life Chaplain David Redden, US Army

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