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Monday Motivation: True Friendship

January 30, 2023
Check back each Monday for a short devotional with Chaplain Art Pace to help you start…
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How to Experience God’s Healing

January 25, 2023
Have you ever experienced something that fundamentally changed who you are as a person? A moment where you can look back and see that you're not the same person you were before? While not always…
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How to Find God’s Love in Our Times of Suffering

January 18, 2023
Military service is the ultimate form of giving oneself to others. The bonds formed through combat and other military experiences create a strongly interconnected community. Yet selfless service comes with a price. Trauma and loss…
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Soldiers Aren’t Designed To Be Alone

January 4, 2023
When I was a boy, I asked my father a question. He is an Army WWII Veteran and was Cavalry for the 20th Armored Division. I asked him why so many Veterans seek out Veterans…
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Paul’s Protocols for Staying Strong in Faith

December 28, 2022
Throughout the New Testament, you will find 20 letters (books) that were written to encourage the early church. Of those letters, the apostle Paul, the former persecutor of the early church, wrote 13 of them.…
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God’s Work Through the Prophets in the Bible—Unpacked

December 14, 2022
Prophets in the Old Testament were God’s communicators. They were ambassadors that acted as an intermediary between God and the people being addressed—typically the nation of Israel. They are likened to that of Signal Officers—communicating…
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Giving Thanks for God’s Word

November 23, 2022
Of all the blessings that God has bestowed upon us, and for which we should offer him praise and thanksgiving, near the top should be his gift to us of his Holy Word, the Bible.…
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