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Operation RECON: Mission 1 Patrol 1

February 26, 2024
Check back each Monday for a short recap of what we're learning in the Operation RECON…
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Chap Recap: Command & Control – The Power of Jesus

June 1, 2023
In WWII, Patton’s Third Army was bogged down by bad weather.  The terrible wind, rain, and cloud cover prevented planes from providing close air support, slowed down and demoralized soldiers, and prevented tanks from maneuvering. …
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Chap Recap: The Commander’s Bio – App Recap

May 25, 2023
You’ll find it in the program of most military ceremonies. It’s a brief—or lengthy—synopsis of the career, roles, awards, and accolades of the keynote speakers or guests of honor, with a small blip about their…
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Disruptive Discipleship

April 27, 2023
According to the Military Family Advisory Network, the average military family moves every 2.5 years. A military child of an active-duty service-member will change schools 6 to 9 times between Kindergarten and graduation. If a…
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Triple Commission

April 13, 2023
Parenting is not for the faint of heart and being a military parent adds layers of complexity that can make it even more challenging. We know that it can be difficult to figure out how…
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The Military Sojourner

March 23, 2023
Literature and pop culture have used, and overused, the metaphor “Life is a Journey.” However, no better metaphor exists to which a military wife can relate than that of going from place to place as…
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Resurrection Readiness

February 22, 2023
I recently came across a 1941 quote by MG Edmund B. Gregory who was the Quartermaster General at the time.  Apparently he was fond of saying, “For us to fail to prepare is to prepare…
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Reintegrate & Rebuild

February 15, 2023
Coming back home is a time of joy and celebration. Veterans return to their loved ones and homes—a much-deserved reward for their hard work and incredible sacrifice.  But coming home is hard. In order for…
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Finding Forgiveness

February 8, 2023
Have you ever experienced real forgiveness? Or the relief and freedom that comes with forgiving someone else? Forgiveness is that powerful. Accepting God’s forgiveness and then, in turn, learning to forgive is a major step…
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